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Experts on indoor environment.

Any thoughts on how it is ordered with the air quality in the workplace? In that case, we recommend one of our Hygiene diagnoses to get an idea of ​​the situation you are in.

Ordering a diagnosis from us should be simple and give everyone involved a fair picture and the opportunity to understand what the situation looks like at the moment. For sustainable air that provides sustainable employees.

We have understood that while properties are ventilated according to requirements and standards, people staying in buildings feel that the air quality and cleanliness should be further improved. Symptoms such as headache, irritated airways, runny nose or e.g. nausea in staff and visitors may indicate that additional measures to existing ventilation solution need to be considered. Consequently, this creates situations where real estate interests and budgets are set against individuals and, sometimes even, their health.

We want to help organizations gain quick control of the situation in which they find themselves, regardless of whether they are property owners or tenants.

We work with, partly tests to map levels / levels of particles, VOC gases, moisture-damaging bacteria, mold spores, asbestos, etc., partly with "ordinary" air purifiers, but above all with what we consider to be the market's most suitable solution, on the complex problems that the indoor environment and the air offer, namely EOLIS AIR MANAGER.

We are a proud distributor of NatéoSanté's products in the Nordics and would like to offer the film below to highlight the EOLIS air purifier and the fact that as a "Made in France" product it is also the only air purifier on the European market that has been approved in the EU Commission Verification Program ETV - Environmental Technology Verification.

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